Author Topic: Role of adhyaasa in Vedanta  (Read 427 times)

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Role of adhyaasa in Vedanta
« on: March 01, 2015, 02:19:32 AM »
Role of adhyaasa in Vedanta

      Similar to the case of rope-snake case, when a person says 'aham sa.nsaarii' - 'I am a sa.nsaarii', Shankaracharya says here too there is a 'saamaanya a.nsha' and Visheshha a.nsha'. "I am' in the above statement is the saamaanya a.nsha, which refers to 'a conscious being' - conscious corresponding to 'chit' and 'being' corresponding to 'sat'. It is anaavR^ita a.nsha or uncovered part and is also 'satya a.nsha', part that is real. In fact this part is never covered or eternally true and is self evident or ever evident or 'pratibodha viditam' or GYaanaswaruupam, of the nature of the knowledge. That is, I am not only conscious but also I am 'self-conscious' - and therefore require no means of knowledge, pramaaNa, to know that I exist. I know that I am there even when it is pitch dark outside. Hence this particular saamaanya a.nsha is never covered - in fact nothing can cover it!

      In the above statement there is also a visheshha a.nsha, a particular part - 'asamsaarii', which is unreal like our snake. The unreal 'visheshha a.nsha' has come into existence only because of the covering of real visheshha a.nsha. Therefore covering as well as uncovering belongs only to 'visheshha a.nsha' and not to saamaanya a.nsha. What is that real visheshha a.nsha that is covered - Sat and Chit are evident in the saamaanya a.nsha. Then what is covered is aananda (bliss) a.nsha, or anantatva (unlimited) a.nsha, or puurNatva (complete) a.nsha or Brahmatva (infiniteness) a.nsha or in effect 'asamsaaritva a.nsha'. That is the visheshha a.nsha that is covered. In that place we have unreal visheshha a.nsha ' duHkhii, (miserable) or asampuurNaH (incomplete) or parichchhinnaH(limited) or sa.nsaarii'. Hence ' aham sa.nsaaari or jiivaH' is an error and is the cause for all the human suffering. Therefore to solve the problem of human suffering there is no need to change the real part (in fact one cannot change it) that is the saamaanya a.nsha, which is 'I am', but only remove the visheshha a.nsha called 'sa.nsaarii'. This has to be done by putting a 'torch light' to reveal the real visheshha a.nsha that 'aham asamsaarii' or 'aham Brahma asmi'. The torchlight is 'the Vedanta Knowledge' that is required to reveal the true visheshha a.nsha. 'aham asmi' is common both in the samsaarii state and in the realized state. In the sa.nsaarii state, I have knowledge only as ' aham sa.nsaarii asmi', which is replaced by real knowledge, that 'aham Brahma asmi'. The change is taking place only in the visheshha a.nsha, anR^ita a.nsha or mithyaa a.nsha, the unreal part -just as the change is taking place from mithyaa 'snake' to real 'rope'. Hence 'I am the sa.nsaarii' notion goes away and is replaced by 'I am asa.nsaarii or puurNaH' knowledge comes and that is the aim of all the prasthaanatraya, Upanishads, Gita and Brahmasutra.