Author Topic: Definition or lakshaNa for adhyaasa  (Read 519 times)

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Definition or lakshaNa for adhyaasa
« on: March 01, 2015, 02:17:34 AM »
Definition or lakshaNa for adhyaasa

      Shankara gives two definitions for adhyaasa. An additional third definition is indirectly available and is often quoted.
      The first definition is:

      'smR^iti ruupaH, paratra puurva dR^ishhTaavabhaasaH adhyaasaH' |
      meaning 'the perception of a previously experienced object on a wrong locus'

      In the rope-snake example, one is perceiving a snake - a snake which is already experienced before. A person who has never seen a snake will not mistake a rope for a snake. I am superimposing an experienced snake upon a wrong locus, which is a rope. This is called an error.

      The second definition which is more popular and simpler and that is:

      'atasmin tat buddhiH' meaning 'perception of an object on a wrong locus' - The snake is seen on a wrong locus that is the rope. Or perception of silver on a shell.

      The third indirect definition is what was discussed before 'satyaanR^ita mithuniikaraNam' - mixing up of real and unreal.

      When I say 'I am the body' - the error is seeing the body on a wrong locus 'aatmaaa' which is not the body. I, the immortal, is seen as the mortal - I, the all pervading, is seen as the limited - This is the error.

      This is the adhyaasa lakshaNam.