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by Acharya Sadanadaji

tat tvam asi - VI (Part 2 of 2)

This surrender of the ego is beautifully expressed by Bhagavaan Ramana in the very invocation sloka of Sat Darshanam "mRityunjayam mRityibhiaashritaanaam, aham matirmRityumupaiti puuvam". He says the one who is afraid of death approaches Lord MRityanjaya who is a conquer of the death (Lord Shiva) for protection. Lord instead of protecting his devotee from the fear of death, Bhagavaan Raman says that He destroys the devotee. It may sound unreasonable on the part of the Lord to destroy those who come to Him for protection. What Lord destroys is devotee-deity duality by destroying the ego (aham matiH - the notion of I-ness) because of one's identification with his BMIs.  The death or change occurs only for the finite and not for the infinite. Hence He destroys their notions of separateness from Him. Recognition that I am the pure light of consciousness that eternally exists is liberation or moksha or freedom from all limitations. It is not something to gain or somewhere to go or something to be given - it is recognition that I am nitya mukta swaruupaH, I am the eternal being one without a second ever liberated since there was never a bondage for me.

When I did not have clear understanding of my true nature, I mistook myself to be finite and localized BMI. Since my true nature is infiniteness, I could not accept this superimposed finiteness of mine and therefore continuously tried to work to gain infiniteness by adding or subtracting finite entities to my BMI. Now I recognize that I was never finite but existence-consciousness that is infiniteness -satyam jnaanam and anantam I am. It is not that I became infinite; I recognize that I was ever infinite.

Hari Om!

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