Author Topic: Questions on adhyaasa (for self-review)  (Read 477 times)

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Questions on adhyaasa (for self-review)
« on: March 01, 2015, 02:09:53 AM »
Questions on adhyaasa (for self-review)

1. What are the four mahaavaakyaas that provide shruti pramaaNa for advaita?

2. What is adhyaasa? what is the source for any error? What is the fundamental error? What is its importance?

3. Why Shankara says there is no path other than knowledge? How does the knowledge solve the problem? What role the other paths play?

4. In the rope/snake adhyaasa - why it is called satya anR^ita mithuniikaraNam? What does that mean? And how is this definition applicable to rope-snake adhyaasa?

5. How the above definition satya anR^ita mithuniikaraNam applies to aatmaa -anaatmaa case? How is that relevant to you and to everyone else?

6. What are the three definitions of adhyaasa?

7. List the four conditions for adhyaasa that the puurvapakshii presents to dismiss the aatmaa-anaatmaa adhyaasa. How they are applicable to the rope-snake case but not to the aatmaa-anaatmaa case.

8. How does Shankara address each of the four requirements for adhyaasa that the puurvapakshii presents?

9. Why Shankara brings anaadi and anirvachaniiyam to account for how the very first experience of anaatmaa occurs?

10. Now a bonus question! anaadi or beginningless and  anirvachaniiyam, the inexplicable nature -are they valid answers to the problem or are they just a clever way of escaping to answer the question? How do the other aachaaryaas get out of the problem of answering the question of 'How did we all got into this problem of bondage in the first place?' - Or to rephrase it, how did this cycle of janma to karma to