Author Topic: Who or what is the locus of avidyaa if there is adhyaasa  (Read 442 times)

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Who or what is the locus of avidyaa if there is adhyaasa
« on: March 01, 2015, 01:59:10 AM »
Who or what is the locus of avidyaa if there is adhyaasa

      According to Shankara, adhyaasa or error is due to ignorance and error involves mixing up of satya a.nsha as in 'I am' and asatya a.nsha as in 'a sa.nsaari'. This is the jiiva who consists of a mixture of real part of the statement ' I am' or aham which implies that I am sat and chit, and unreal part 'a parichchhinnaH' a limited entity, or jiiva asmi. My true nature is aham brahma asmi. This error occurred because I am ignorant of my true nature that is aham brahma asmi. Now Ramanuja asks - there has to be a locus for avidyaa and what or who is that locus? That is who has this avidyaa or ignorance - jiiva or Brahman? Brahman cannot be the locus because (1) that will make Brahman ignorant, in which case He cannot be Brahman any more, (2) If ignorance rests with Brahman then ignorance is as real as Brahman and now we have two real entities, Brahman and ignorance and that violates the advaita principles of non-dual nature of Brahman as well as his nirguNatvam, since He has ignorance. Lastly 3) Brahman is of the nature of light and ignorance of the nature of darkness and are diagonally opposite to each other, and therefore cannot exist together. Thus Brahman is the locus of ignorance is unacceptable. On the other hand jiiva cannot be the locus of avidyaa since jiiva is the product of avidyaa. That is, the status of jiiva or jiivatvam arose because of the presence of avidyaa. That implies jiiva status comes after avidyaa. That is avidyaa existed even before jiiva-hood arose. Hence jiiva cannot be the locus of avidyaa. Ignorance is not an independent entity to exist without any locus. Therefore we conclude that Advaitic concept of avidyaa is wrong. Hence there is a fundamental problem in the doctrine of Advaita based on adhyaasa as the cause for jiiva.