Author Topic: Suutra 1 - athaato brahma jij~naasaa  (Read 688 times)

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Suutra 1 - athaato brahma jij~naasaa
« on: February 27, 2015, 01:02:44 PM »
Suutra 1 - Samanvaya samanvaya adhyaaya - I spashhTa brahma li~Nga vaakya samanvaya paada- i jij~naasaa adhikaraNa 1 suutra 1: athaato brahma jij~naasaa

      (A note for the readers: The discussion is done very elaborately and some parts are somewhat technical and some are rather general. One could have condensed the notes avoiding subtle technical points, and emphasize only its essential aspects. In that process we could miss a lot. Even if one finds some redundancy, I feel it is important to go through the arguments and counter arguments to be familiar with the logic and the depth to which the analysis was done by Shankara Bhagavat paada before one studies criticisms of Shankara Bhaashhyam by other bhaashhyakaara-s. References to shruti's statements and some sloka-s are incomplete and any help in completing the references are most welcome. As stated in the beginning, the notes follow closely the lectures of H.H. Swami Paramaarthaanandaji of Chennai. I am deeply indebted to him.

      Notes Designation: While the Bhaashhyam is discussed under chapter IV - to follow which suutra we are discussing, from now on, we will use the following designation - For example for sutra 1 we use the designation as I-i-1-1. The first Roman number designates that it is first of the four adhyaaya-s, the second lower case Roman number designates that it is first paada of the adhyaaya, the third number designates that it is the first adhikaraNa and last number designates the suutra in that adhikaraNa. Since the suutra will be discussed in more than one post, we will use the letter designations A,B, C, etc., to the suutra number for easy identification during discussions. Following this notation this post is designated as Notes BSB-I-i-1-1A).

      This is the first adhyaaya called samanvaya meaning consistency. The significance of samanvaya will be discussed later. The first paada in this adhyaaya has a big name and is called 'spashhTa brahma li~Nga vaakya samanvaya paada'. The significance of this title will also be discussed later. Each adhikaraNam or topic is also given a name. The name of the topic will be based on the first suutra in that adhikaraNa. The first adhikaraNa is called jij~naasaa adhikaraNam, based on the first suutra - athaato brahma jij~naasaa. The number of suutra-s in a topic can vary from one to many, and in this very first adhikaraNa, there is only one suutra.

      From now on in the study of each suutra, we will strictly follow a three-step procedure: First, a general analysis of the suutra will be provided. Second, the word analysis of the suutra is done taking each word in the order it is given in the suutra. And finally, a conclusion of the suutra is provided bringing out any special aspects involved.