Author Topic: What is puurvamiimaamsa?  (Read 460 times)

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What is puurvamiimaamsa?
« on: February 27, 2015, 12:54:30 PM »
What is puurvamiimaamsa?

      We need to have some understanding of this before we can appreciate Shankara' refutation of their meaning to atha shabda. Purvamimamsa is the analysis of the first portion of the Veda-s. Where as, Brahmasutra-s are uttaramiimaa.nsa containing the analysis of the final portion of the Veda-s.

      The first portion deals with karma and upaasanaa and the last portion deals with j~naanam aspect. Hence puurvamiimaa.nsa is the analysis of karma and upaasanaa and uttaramiimaa.nsa is the analysis of Brahman or j~naanam. Now puurvapakshi or the objector says that the very word 'puurvamiimaa.nsa' indicates that it should come puurva or first and the very word 'uttaramiimaa.nsa' indicates that it should come later or after.

      Therefore 'atha' should be translated as 'puurvamiimaa.nsa anantaram' that is after the study of the puurvamiimaa.nsa only the inquiry into the nature of the Brahman. Purvapakshi's logic is as follows: puurvamiimaa.nsaa deals with karma and upaasanaa. We all know that karma and upaasanaa are needed to get the qualifications such as chittashuddhi etc. and saadhana chatushhTayam. Therefore one should study puurvamiimaa.nsaa, follow karma yoga and upaasanaa, thereafter acquire saadhana chatushhTaya sampatti, and thereafter he should come to the study the uttaramiimaa.nsa and Brahmasutra. Since we know that everybody requires qualifications, and further since qualifications require the puurvamiimaa.nsa, one should give the meaning for the word 'atha' as puurvamiimaa.nsa anantaram.