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taTastha and swaruupa lakshaNam-s
« on: February 26, 2015, 01:45:28 PM »
taTastha and swaruupa lakshaNam-s

      The lakshaNam or definition is of two types; swaruupa lakshaNam and taTastha lakshaNam. When an object is defined through its intrinsic feature, that definition is called swaruupa lakshaNam. When an object is defined through an incidental feature or a temporary feature which is not intrinsic feature of the object, it is called taTastha lakshaNam. The word taTastham consists of two words taTa and stha. taTaH means the bank of a river, and sthaH means existing. taTastham means that which remains in the bank of the river, hence is not a part of the river and hence is not an intrinsic feature of the river. An example that is given is 'prakR^ishhTa prakaashhaH chandraH' - moon is brightest luminary in the (night) sky.

      Brightness of the moon is its intrinsic feature (forgetting the science now) and hence it is swaruupa lakshaNam of moon. Likewise satyam, j~naanam and anantam or aanandam - are swaruupa lakshaNam of Brahman since they are the intrinsic feature of Brahman. The definition of swaruupam lakshaNam is 'swaruupam sat vyaavartakam swaruupa lakshaNam' that intrinsic feature of an object which reveals or defines an object. Typical example of taTastha lakshaNam which can be appreciated easily in America where most of the houses look alike (indistinguishable swaruupa lakshaNam-s) is ' That house on which a crow is sitting right now is John's house' - The sitting of a crow is only an incidental feature of the John's house and not a swaruupa lakshaNa of the house. The definition of taTastha lakshaNam is kaadaachitkam sat vyaavartakam, taTastha lakshaNam', temporarily that which pin-points is taTastha lakshaNam.

      The taTastha lakshaNam of Brahman is 'jagat kaaraNam Brahma', Brahman is that which is the cause of the universe. To decide if this is taTastha lakshaNam or swaruupa lakshaNam of Brahman, one should ask if the world is an intrinsic feature of Brahman or an incidental feature of Brahman. It is an incidental feature since before the creation there is no world and after the desolation there is no world. For videha mukta, the world is permanently not there. Hence world is only an incidental feature of Brahman, thus a taTastha lakshaNam of Brahman. The second suutram is presenting only a taTastha lakshaNam of Brahman and we can say it is 'taTastha lakshaNa suutra of Brahman'.

      Next we take the general meaning and then word by word meaning of the suutra.