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General meaning of the suutra
« on: February 26, 2015, 01:44:45 PM »
General meaning of the suutra

      The suutra grammatically is incomplete and we need to supply two words to complete it. This is called ' adhyaahaaraH ', meaning supplying the words required completing the suutra grammatically. The full suutra is ' janma aadi asya yataH, tat brahma ' - one can also add ' bhavati ' in the end, which is automatically implied in Sanskrit. Meaning of the suutra is 'Brahman is that from which the origin, etc., of the world takes place' - simply ' sR^ishhTi aadi kaaraNam, brahma '. The ' aadi ' or etc., includes ' sthithi ' and ' laya '. Hence the final meaning is ' jagat sR^ishhTi, sthiti, laya kaaraNam, brahma ', Brahman is that from which the origin, sustenance and annihilation of the world takes place. (Shankara uses the word bha~Ngam instead of laya since janmaadi is neuter gender and to maintain the same neuter gender or a samaahaara dvandva compound).

      Vyasacharya uses the pronoun ' asya ' and from the context it refers to ' asya jagataH ', of this world or universe. The word ' yataH ' means yasmaat kaaraNaat - from which cause. tat brahman meaning that is brahman. Hence the final general meaning of the suutra is 'Brahman is that cause, from which the origin, sustenance and dissolution of the universe takes place'.

      Being a nyaaya prasthaanam, every suutra must present a ' anumaana vaakyam '. The nyaaya vaakyam that can be derived from this suutra is: ' brahma asti, lakshaNa sattvaat, ghaTavat ' Brahman is existent, because there is lakshaNam for Brahman, just as a pot. the vyaapti vaakyam is, ' yatra yatra lakshaNa sattvam, tatra tatra vastu sidhhiH '. Therefore brahma vichaara can be possible since Brahman exists.