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Analysis of the word asya
« on: February 26, 2015, 12:06:38 PM »
Analysis of the word asya

      The word -asya - is a pronoun meaning, of this'. Vyasacharya does not specify what noun this pronoun stands for. It can be any noun, noun being that which can be conscious or unconscious entity or object. Since Vyasa has not specified any particular noun, we should include all the nouns in the universe as indicated object of the pronoun, asya. That is, the word asya should denote -sarvasya jagataH. Further Vyasacharya used the pronoun -of this - and not -of that or (tasya). According to grammar the pronoun -this- is used for something available or accessible in front. Hence this indicates - pratyaksha gocharasya - or pratyaksha prapanchasya -of the world that is seen in front.

      The sixth case or shhashhTi (of this') should be connected with the previous word - janmaadi or sR^ishhTi, sthiti and laya. Hence combining with the previous word we get the meaning -pratyaksha prapanchasya sR^ishhTi, sthiti, layaH - the origin, sustenance and annihilation of the visible or objectifiable universe.

      This completes the meaning of the word -asya.