Author Topic: Why taTastha lakshaNa was chosen by Vyasacharya  (Read 656 times)

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Why taTastha lakshaNa was chosen by Vyasacharya
« on: February 26, 2015, 11:54:53 AM »
Why taTastha lakshaNa was chosen by Vyasacharya

      It was mentioned before that the suutra - janmaad yasya yataH primarily refers to taTastha lakshaNam rather than swaruupa lakshaNam. In the same upanishhad, where the statement - yato vaa imaani bhuutani jaayante.... which forms the vishhaya vaakyam for this suutra, there is also a statement that can provide the swaruupa lakshaNam for Brahman - satyam j~naanam anantam brahman. A question can be raised as to why Vyasacharya choose taTastha lakshaNa for the definition of Brahman in this suutra rather than swaruupa lakshaNam since both are available in the same upanishhad.

      The answer lies in the fact that in the case of Brahman, it is easier to understand Brahman initially through the taTastha lakshaNam than swaruupa lakshaNam. The reason is that in the taTastha lakshaNam we are using an external features which are easily available and perceptible and which are known to every one. Thus one transcends from the known to the unknown. When we use swaruupa lakshaNam, satyam j~naanam anantam, the very intrinsic feature of satyam (pure existence) or j~naanam ( nirvisheshha chaitanyam, objectless consciousness) is not easily perceptible or available or known to the inquirer. It will be like defining one unknown thing using another unknown. Hence Vyasacharya chose taTastha lakshaNam for Brahman.