Author Topic: Vishhaya vaakyam for this suutra  (Read 523 times)

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Vishhaya vaakyam for this suutra
« on: February 24, 2015, 11:51:01 AM »
Vishhaya vaakyam for this suutra

      The vishhaya vaakyam is from Brihadaranyaka 2-4-10 in maitreyii braahmaNam. In this particular mantra Brahman is said to be creator of not just the world but Veda-s also: sa yathaa aardra edhaagneH abhyaahitaat pR^ithak dhuumaaH vinishcharanti evam vaa are asya mahataH bhuutasya niHshvasitam etat yat R^igvedaH, yajurVedaH, saamavedaH, atharvaa~NgirasaH, itihaasaH...etc. When a wet fuel is burned the smoke comes out effortlessly and listen Oh! Maitreyii! it is like breathing out - niHshvaasaH that is effortlessly (niHshvasita nyaaya or liila nyaayaH - effortlessly like breathing or play) Breathing occurs naturally even when we are engaged actively in other actions and we not even aware that we are breathing. Hence it is said the creation of all veda-s R^ig, yajur, saama and atharvaNa etc. are done effortlessly by Bhagavan. This is symbolized by Lord Vishnu lying as vaTapatra shaayee - breathing in and breathing out the whole universe - unmanifestation to manifestation. Based on the above mantra Vyasacharya writes -shaastrayonitvaat.