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Analysis of the word tat
« on: February 24, 2015, 11:34:30 AM »
Analysis of the word tat

      Tat means that - a pronoun that stands for a noun. Since no other noun is specified here it refers to whatever noun that was discussed in the three previous suutra -s is the noun that is being referred to here. That noun is Brahman since discussion of the three previous suutra-s are centered on this noun only. In the first suutra Brahman is discussed as an object of inquiry, in the second suutra discussion was centered on Brahma lakshaNam that is jagat kaaraNam, and in the third suutra also we discussed Brahman as shaastra kartaa and hence sarvaj~nam and sarvashakti. The word tat indicates that Brahman. Hence the meaning of tat is vichaaryam, jagat kaaraNam, veda kartR^i, sarvaj~nam, sarvashakti brahma shaastra vishhayaH. We have to bring the two words shaastra vishhayaH from the previous suutra - this is called anuvR^itti. A simple example of anuvR^itti is - Rama went to temple; Krishna also. Krishna also gives the complete meaning since we borrow from the previous sentence the words 'went to temple'. In suutra literature this anuvR^itti is used extensively to shorten the words. This completes the meaning of the word ' tat '. The next word is ' tu ' - which for convenience we will explain this word later, although we are supposed to explain the words in the order present.