Author Topic: Analysis of the word samanvayaat  (Read 412 times)

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Analysis of the word samanvayaat
« on: February 24, 2015, 11:33:49 AM »
Analysis of the word samanvayaat

      The third word is samanvayaat, because Brahman enjoys the importance or consistency. How does one prove Brahman enjoys importance in the shaastra? It can be proved only if the six factors or shhaD li~Ngaani, are supporting Brahman alone. Hence Vyasacharya has to show now using the six factors that Brahman is the central theme. This method of proving the importance or samanvya by making use of six factors or shhaD li~Ngaani is called miimaa.nsa or analysis. shhaD li~NgaiH taatparya nirNayaH miimaa.nsaa.

      Vyasacharya is going to do that from the fifth suutra onwards. From suutra 5 up to suutra 134 Vyasacharya will be proving samanvaya.

      Since at the rate the notes are being posted and studied it will take many months before we complete this section on samanvaya (we started this series six months ago and we are still at suutra 4), Shankara and the subcommentators briefly provide the proof here itself while commenting the suutra 4. Following Shankara bhaashhya, we will also therefore do the brief analysis.

      This we will take up from the next post.