Author Topic: Connection of siddhabodhaka vaakyam-s to kaaryabodhaka vaakyam-s  (Read 407 times)

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Connection of siddhabodhaka vaakyam-s to kaaryabodhaka vaakyam-s
« on: February 22, 2015, 01:55:37 PM »
Connection of siddhabodhaka vaakyam-s to kaaryabodhaka vaakyam-s

      If every Vedantic statement has to be connected to one or the other kaaryabodhaka vaakyam, the question arises which one to be connected to what? Is it optional or is there some rule of connection? With respect to this technical point, the two matam-s, the bhaaTTamatam and praabhaakara matam differ.

      According bhaTTamatam, all the j~naanakaanDa vaakyam-s should be connected to karmakaanDa vidhi vaakyam or kriyaa vaakyaani. praabaakara-s disagrees that this connection can be that arbitrary.

      The karmakaanDa vaakyam-s are far away from the Vedantic vaakyam-s, the arbitrary connection he calls as prakaraNa bhedaH, totally far apart. According to him the j~naanavaakyam-s should be connected to the closest kaaryavaakyam-s. In the j~naanakaanDa itself there are many upaasana vaakyam-s which are kaaryabodhakam. Hence all the brahmabodhana statements should be connected to upaasana-s prescribed in Vedanta.

      Because of this the person achieves purushaartha, and that is the final goal of kaaryam, action. There is no direct use of j~naanam, one has to do something, that something can be karma as in karmakaanDa or upaasanaa as in j~naanakaanDa. Action is the essence of Veda.

      So far we have discussed puurvapaksha of puurvamiimaa.nsaa consisting of both praabhaakara and bhaaTTamata-s.
      We next take up Shankara's siddhaanta.