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Index of Topics
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Index of Topics

What is success?
Is the world real or unreal? Acharya
Is external sanyaasa necessary
  for self-realization?
Switching from karma yoga to
  jnaana yoga on the way to self-realization
An introduction to the
  mahaavaakya - the key to self-realization
Why knowing  'tvam' is  first
  step in self-realization
Knowing  'tvam' using 
  anvaya-vyatireka method of logic
4  factors  inhibiting  correct
  understanding of  mahaavaakya and self-realization
Mind not ready to switch to
Principal factor: Not
  appreciating the intended meaning of $(Atv(Bam$(B p(Badaartham as means to
The four-fold confusions
  impeding self-realization
Nature of the vasanas impeding self-realization
Analysis  of the entire
  mahaavaakya 'tat tvam asi'
Knowing which I will know
The subject "I"
Saakshii or witnessing
Saakshyam, the witnessed
Who am I inquiry : Surrender of
  the ego
Who am I inquiry: Is scriptural
  study necessary or is "who am I" inquiry not sufficient for
Role of the mind in
Role of the mind in
  self-realization - the perception process
Does jnaani possess praarabda?
Test of a jnaani
Jivan Mukta
Gayatri Mantra
Sarva karma sanyaasa
Obstacles in spiritual progress
  - ignorance
Obstacles: Knowledge
  communication through words
Obstacles in spiritual progress
  - the 10th man syndrome
Obstacles in spiritual progress
  - lack of shraddhaa
Obstacles in spiritual progress
  - SamShaya
Obstacles to jnaana nishTa
Fourfold obstacles during
I and the World- Kshetrajna and Kshetra
Is Sat Chit Ananda an attribute?
What is Nidhidhyaasana? Part 1 of
  Acharya Sadanandaji
What is Nidhidhyaasana? Part 2 of
  Acharya Sadanandaji
Intellectual Bhakti

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