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Discussions on Vedanta / Re: What is Bhakti?
« on: February 03, 2010, 03:37:53 PM »

While you wait for the real answer, I would like to share something.....

As the shortest answer, Bhakti is Love, and as Acharyaji has also said here many times, one cannot move forward with Jnana unless the nishtha and bhakti are already there, they are presumed.

**** Now the following is from LOVE, not from this user. This is LOVE speaking


Advaita is LOVE
LOVE is a-dvaitic, no room for dvait.
ParmArtha is LOVE
LOVE is pArmArthic

The Lover and Beloved are ONE
My Beloved said so repeatedly, whether you believe it or not
Shruti says so explicitly , whether you can see and comprehend or not

Advaita is Love, Truth, Knowledge
whether you accept or reject it
whether you attack or propound it
Krshna loves you anyway

Love is when Chandra is reluctant to move away from Rohini Nakshatra

***Love is where Creator and Created cannot be seperated out***
Love is where Lover cannot be told apart from Beloved
Love is where Beloved sees Lover in mirror of Truth

Love is infinite
Love is Radhe-Shyam

Love cannot be caught in a box (Kena  Upanishad - Agni cannot catch Brahman)
Love cannot be compartmentalized

Love is not ONLY being a servant, although service is love

Love embraces ALL
Love encompasses all

Love is where Bindu cannot be seperated out of  [ Bhakti Rasamrt ] Sindhu

I am LOVE [speaking]
I am in LOVE
I am Brahman'
I am Radha
I am Krshna
I am Shiva
I am Gauri
I am Narayana
I am Lakshmi
I am each creature
I am each piece of geological existence
I am Universal Matter

I am Aakash
I am Shabda
I am Sparsha
I am Rupa , Rasa , Gandha

I am Chit
I am Sat
I am Ananda alone

Sri Krshna Govinda Hare MurAre
He NAth NArAyana VAsudeva ~


Discussions on Vedanta / Re: VAsanA and Transmigration
« on: January 04, 2010, 01:10:18 PM »
Yes, it is all clear now  :)
Thank you


Discussions on Vedanta / Re: VAsanA and Transmigration
« on: December 29, 2009, 04:09:36 PM »

That  perfectly answers my qn ! 

So  if I am understanding this correctly  - 
that is what prArabdha for the JivanMukta is.   He may say,  the body is hungry, and if there are laddoos on the countertop, its OK for the BMI to take the decision to eat one.  That was not me, let BMI do what it takes, or wants to do  ?

Hari Om

Discussions on Vedanta / Re: VAsanA and Transmigration
« on: December 28, 2009, 06:19:32 PM »
Many PraNAms Guruji

Thank You

I have been reading the 2 topics  in series under special topics. 

About the remaining qns - the primary source  was an excerpt from Yog Vashishtha I happened to come across,

Vashishtha Muni says there are 4 gatekeepers to moksha
1. self inquiry (leading to realization)
2. contentment
3. self control
4. satsang or sadhu sang

So, it made me think, 2 and 3 will most likely be transcended by the time realization takes place (#2 definitely will) -  Provided that realization , as you say , is the complete cross-over of the Tat tvam asi  bridge,  not just tvam.

If vAsanA have to be erradicated, the living mind may have automatically transcended them if the intellect has understood  the identity and has fully realized the Self/Brahman.  I suppose it is a matter of experience then.

Thank you very much, also for the special talks and topics.


Discussions on Vedanta / VAsanA and Transmigration
« on: December 20, 2009, 04:00:20 PM »

Is realizing Who am I enough ?

It looks like the bottomline is vAsanA (desires).  Unless they go away , transmigration continues.

Hypothetically, is it possible that
-  one has realized the Self  and the Oneness of Brahman, 
-  there is  Vairagya ,
-  but the mind  contemplates  food and hunger, warmth or other bodily comforts ?
They may say "I am not this mind and body. I am free".  This is Jnana.

However, the package of the subtle body ( sukshma sharira ) will transmigrate because of that vAsanA (desire)  ?

They might say "Who is this who has transmigrated ? Not me !  I am not this subtle body."   
Is this JeevanMukti ? (Or they may be too much in Turya to even think like that. )

Finally, with enough self control and contentment, moksha is obtained.  Who is it exactly that gets the moksha , in  Videha Mukti ?

Can we say it was that subtle-body who had been transmigrating and has now vanished into thin air that received the moksha ? Because there is no question of the Self, Brahman going from not-free to free state.

OR was it a ray  of  the Brahman-Sun not embodied/transmigrating anymore , that received the moksha ?   

Is this ray now aware of it being a ray of the Sun ? Or is it that the Brahman-Sun alone knows all His rays well ?

Thank You

Hari Om

Thank You for these discourses.

A thousand praNAms to you Guruji

You have given me the courage to realize and acknowledge a fundamental truth - Who / what am I ? 

 Krshna  is the Guru from within ,  has been the dearest  and most patient Friend, Witness, Companion and Guide -  just as He has promised in the Gita (param-gati, sharan, SAkhsi, SakhA....)

But this jiva was not ready to understand Him fully when He kept telling her  "You and I are not different."  "We are one".
She thought He was being philosophical, metaphorical, poetic....and simply saying this out of love.

How can that be ?  He is the Lord.

But then...  the Lord is all there is. He alone IS. Malleable that He is, He takes forms.

The quest for Advaita began with  "How can a pure soul have individuality ?"

It  was SadGuru who gave the definition for what exactly  is 'individual soul' and 'jiva'.   They say Krshna sends Guru.
Then,  SadGuru takes the jiva to the philosophical mirror (thru' this forum) and says "look carefully".
By looking into that mirror , which was not new, nor the image therein,   the jiva suddenly had the understanding , mind and courage to accept that the One in the mirror .... I   AM THAT !
 and not this jiva , not this mind-intellect-ahankar.    This is Guru krpa  - external  , as well as Krshna's  mercy - internal.   

Familiarity with "Tat" , the subject,  was not enough. The Guru adds the predicate "tvam asi"
and "tvam"  gathers courage , shifts gears.   
The jiva gradually becomes the 3rd person , eventually fading into the background  and  that  Sakshi  becomes the first person.

Either I am That   ( I AM),
Brahman or the Lord is all there IS (and i the jiva don't exist).   

The fear of losing Krshna is unfounded and baseless - as He is the only Truth, and its about losing the ego , not Krshna....  but while the mind is still around , it had better dwell in Krshna than in matter.

Not much has changed though. The jiva has a long way to go before she finally disappears. This is only the first preliminary baby step taken with the Guru's help.

Thank You Sadanandji.

Hari Om.

Special Talks / Re: Sadaji's video on youtube
« on: October 27, 2009, 01:45:16 PM »
Thank You.  

Discussions on Vedanta / Re: The Significance of Samadhi
« on: August 12, 2009, 08:34:27 AM »
Please accept my humble obeissances.

Thank You very much for your guidance.  I have already been reading your essays, and shall look into the discourses and  Sad Darshanas.  Thank you for providing us with a treasure filled website.

I realized my questions were not timely, and theoretically not in the right place for the Advaita stage,  but  wanted to get some things cleared, even from dvaita point of view. 

Jai Sri Krshna
Hari Om

Discussions on Vedanta / Re: of the divine
« on: August 11, 2009, 12:48:40 PM »
Thanks for your wishes and blessing.

I have a qn.

Also, info that Lord conveys which were absolutely unknown to the mind, thru' any external means (at least in this birth)- is that Consciousness  giving the mind remembrance ? 
(Krshna says I give remembrance, forgetfulness, buddhi etc.)
A: Here the Lord is nothing but the sum total of all my previous samskaaras. Lord by himself is impartial – samoham sarva bhuuteshu… I am equal to all. What one gets conveyed, to put in your words, is due to ones past samskaaraas only. Consciousness is just witnessing presence, but in whose presence the whole dynamics of life plays out – maayaa adhyaksheNa prakRitiH suuyate .. He, himself has nothing to do but in His presence the prakRiti dances.

In essence, just stand apart and slowly indentify with Him who is upadraShTaa and see the beautiful drama life unfolding. That is what ultimately merging with Him means.

 That Whom one sees as KRshna telling them something or taking them someplace, is not KRshna, but a sum total of previous samskArs ? 
When Krshna says - 'I  am impartial, but yet give special attention to My devotees' -  does He really mean that the good  devotional samskArs from past life will guide the aspirant closer to Brahman'  ?

After all, He does set the karma and rebirth system on auto mode.

I do see that we should stand back, observe and not get attached to anything.

Thoughts = prakriti, samskAr = prakrti.

But then, wasn't it  AtmA or Brahman after all, in His Sagun form that enabled these events ?
Or , does Prakruti enable these events ?

** At the base science level, does the memory (samskAr) get carried over to the next birth via DNA ?
(not that it matters).

Jai Sri Krshna

Discussions on Vedanta / Re: The Significance of Samadhi
« on: August 10, 2009, 08:24:59 PM »
PraNAm Dr. SadanandaJi

I received your answer to this. Just leaving this here for other readers.

Thank You so much !

Hari Hari Om

Discussions on Vedanta / Re: The Significance of Samadhi
« on: August 10, 2009, 07:53:12 PM »
Hmmm... agreed, that it is a bias of what we already know. 

Which again brings the question :  Out-of-the-blue experiences that have a great relevance in immediate future, as if a divine guidance onto  the spiritual path  -  what are they considered as ?

Also, info that Lord conveys which were absolutely unknown to the mind, thru' any external means (at least in this birth)- is that Consciousness  giving the mind remembrance ? 
(Krshna says I give remembrance, forgetfulness, buddhi etc.)

This further brings the qn (i asked you in an e-mail a few mins ago) - 

The Lord Who walks every step with  all of "us" or "me" ,  is   He the one we are supposed to realize as our Consciousness ?  So then what i think of as "me" is really my material  Mind-intellect-ego , or atleast the bound-jiva part ?  Whereas He is in fact the  CHIT part ?  He is most definitely all-anand !

Thank You

Jai Sri Krshna

Discussions on Vedanta / Re: The Significance of Samadhi
« on: August 10, 2009, 06:37:52 PM »

Ramakrishna literature also includes accounts of other spiritual experiences, including visions of saints and devas (as well as Jesus), and considers these to be important experiences.  Are such visions merely of the mind?


I too would like to know what Advaita has to say about visions, lucid dreams, practically being in a totally far away or mysterious place while the physical body is in bed at night albeit awake.

This cannot be a creation of the mind can it ?  Just that the mind is experiencing it as a gift from the Lord, Bhagvan.

Also, Jesus has been so gracious as to give me Darshan too. Me, who has been born and brought up Hindu. And to think that many say He is a myth.

Looking forward to reply.

Thank You very much.

Jai Sri Krshna

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