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Discussions on Vedanta / VAsanA and Transmigration
« on: December 20, 2009, 04:00:20 PM »

Is realizing Who am I enough ?

It looks like the bottomline is vAsanA (desires).  Unless they go away , transmigration continues.

Hypothetically, is it possible that
-  one has realized the Self  and the Oneness of Brahman, 
-  there is  Vairagya ,
-  but the mind  contemplates  food and hunger, warmth or other bodily comforts ?
They may say "I am not this mind and body. I am free".  This is Jnana.

However, the package of the subtle body ( sukshma sharira ) will transmigrate because of that vAsanA (desire)  ?

They might say "Who is this who has transmigrated ? Not me !  I am not this subtle body."   
Is this JeevanMukti ? (Or they may be too much in Turya to even think like that. )

Finally, with enough self control and contentment, moksha is obtained.  Who is it exactly that gets the moksha , in  Videha Mukti ?

Can we say it was that subtle-body who had been transmigrating and has now vanished into thin air that received the moksha ? Because there is no question of the Self, Brahman going from not-free to free state.

OR was it a ray  of  the Brahman-Sun not embodied/transmigrating anymore , that received the moksha ?   

Is this ray now aware of it being a ray of the Sun ? Or is it that the Brahman-Sun alone knows all His rays well ?

Thank You

Hari Om

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